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Don't forget community in name of economic stimulus

I disagree with both Commissioner Michael Zimmer and Larry Twele of the Department of Economic Development in their recent comments in The Eagle about where we should place businesses.

Isn't the intention of the Warfield Development Corporation to attract business opportunities such as what is being proposed for the Freedom Golf site?

Why would you not place the proposed business park where a business park is slated to go? At Warfield you have direct access to Route 32; and Northrop Gruman and Nexion Healthcare are neighbors. There is also a gas station and two restaurants across the street.

If the county does not focus development on family entertainment and places to bring the community together, we'll end up with another Jessup or Columbia and residents will be leaving "Eldersburg, one of the wealthiest markets" to get away from all the economic development.

Amy Bishop


Thanks to Greenwalt for remembering veterans

Recently I flipped the calendar page to December and there it was-- Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day.

The day of Infamy, now 67 years past.

I stopped to think about it awhile. The world changed overnight. America was at war and the lives of everyone were caught up in the war effort. Men volunteered for the Army, Navy or Marines; an estimated 15 million citizens were in the service. Rosie the Riveter was born and filled in for the men who left for the armed services as America struck back.

Eventually the war ended, we obtained victory on all fronts and the label, "The Greatest Generation," was awarded those who experienced those events

As time has passed, so has the attention given to Dec. 7 and to those whose lives were radically changed. Most of these veterans are now in their late 70s or 80s or even pushing their 90s.

Veterans Day has almost become another Black Friday promotion. The only attention given to the real meaning of the day is by Veterans organizations such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

However, a number of local schools had programs honoring our veterans, and Kari Greenwalt and the Gate House Museum hosted another veterans dinner and dance.

That evening includes a social hour, meal and special recognition for the veterans, as they were introduced by Ms. Greenwalt.

One could simply say that a good time was had by all at Kari's tribute; but that doesn't really portray the joy given to those who attend. You can tell it by their faces.

The evening ended with everyone on the dance floor and singing "God Bless America."

I don't know where Kari keeps her wings but those who attend this affair know that she is an angel.

Ellen Dix


Obama election not historic unless his actions are

The writer of the letter in last week's edition of The Eagle, "On Nov. 4, positive attitude overcame negative," sounds as if his head was in the clouds on Nov. 4 -- and continues to reside there.

Why was this election "one of the greatest moments in the history of democracy?" Because the winner was an African-American? So what? Barack Obama appeared out of nowhere, with no experience, no credentials and a plethora of distasteful associations.

Two of his most deplorable comrades, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (whom Mr. Obama proudly stated he could no more disown than his "white" grandmother) and William Ayers ( an unrepentant terrorist) were enough to give me cause to worry about where this country might be headed if he were to be elected. Let's face it, Mr. Obama has done nothing but spew "feel good" rhetoric for almost two years.

Remember, actions speak louder than words, and Mr. Obama has accomplished nothing up to this point. So how do you celebrate something that hasn't yet occurred?

Yes, OK, we elected our very first black president, but that, in itself, is nothing to celebrate, if all Mr. Obama has to offer is the color of his skin.

Gail Householder


Bush decisions are more embarrassing than Obama

I see that Hoby Wolf is "embarrassed" that president-elect Obama is apparently unable to provide a perfect military salute.

I would be curious to know if Mr. Wolf would be so concerned if Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee were elected and one of them presented a salute that was not up to his standards. President-elect Obama was making the effort to show respect, which should never be considered an insult.

Now, let me point out what embarrasses me: a president who sits paralyzed for seven minutes after being told his country is under attack is embarrassing.

An administration that reveals the identity of a CIA agent on a petty, personal vendetta, putting who knows how many other operatives' lives at stake is embarrassing.

An executive branch that decides that the Geneva Conventions are outdated and unnecessary, allowing torture at Abu Ghraib prison and elsewhere to occur is embarrassing.

An administration that leads its country into a war based on lies and fear and tricks an honorable and respected man into lying to the United Nations about the "evidence" of weapons of mass destruction is an embarrassment.

I am embarrassed about President George W. Bush doing nothing while Hurricane Katrina destroyed thousands of lives; about the administration's illegal wiretapping of U.S. citizens, and the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The "extraordinary rendition" program of the CIA, kidnapping people and taking them to other countries to be tortured, is also embarrassing.

Vice President Dick Cheney's attempt to claim that because he is part of both the executive branch and the legislative branch he does not have to answer to either is brazen, shameful and self-serving.

I am embarrassed that Bush's sacrifice for the Iraq war, other than the thousands of young men and women he sent into harm's way, was to give up golf, as he announced in May 2008 (which he never really gave up).

While many of our troops are on constant rotation to Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush has taken a record number of vacation days for a sitting president.

I am also embarrassed for former presidential candidate McCain, who proclaimed that the fundamentals of our economy were strong and whose then-economic advisor Phil Gramm called us a "nation of whiners" who were in a "mental recession."

Hoby Wolf can enlighten me about salutes the day after we receive the public apology from Bush and Cheney, which we have deserved for so long.

Russell Nelson


Seidel says thanks for sending her back to school

I would like to thank the voters of Carroll County for electing me to the Board of Education.

I am appreciative of the citizens who have been very supportive over the last year and of our enthusiastic campaign volunteers.

As a mother and a teacher, I assure you that I will use my knowledge, experience and ability to view issues from different perspectives to benefit the children of Carroll County.

The children will be at the forefront of each decision I make. I will work hard to uphold high standards for our children.

I encourage the members of the community to stay involved with our school system. I firmly believe that all stake holders play a key role in an excellent public school system.

I look forward to working with community members, central office staff, administrators, teachers and students.

Again, thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. I look forward to serving you over the next four years.

Jennifer Seidel. member

Carroll County Board of Education

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